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Caritas Philippines, along with five other Caritas Asia delegates, participated in the Caritas Internationalis (CI) Humanitarian Conference in Athens, Greece. The conference brought together over 60 humanitarian practitioners from seven Caritas regions: Caritas Europa, Caritas MONA, Caritas Asia, Caritas Africa, Caritas Oceana, Caritas North America, and Caritas Latin America. This marked the first in-person Caritas Internationalis conference since 2019, following the height of the pandemic.

The conference focused on two key areas: presenting and discussing the new Confederation Strategy and establishing a new Humanitarian Committee. This committee will oversee and steer the implementation of “Strategic Orientation 2: Saving Lives, Reducing Risk, Rebuilding Communities.

Ms. Jeanie Curiano, our head of Humanitarian Response represented Caritas Philippines in the conference.