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A 3-day training for Caritas Internationalis Management Standards (CIMS) Assessors and Coordinators concluded successfully. Participants from four regions (Caritas Asia, Caritas MONA, Caritas Africa, Caritas North America) are now equipped to implement CIMS fully within their organizations.

This training is part of a larger effort for Caritas Internationalis’ 162 member organizations, of which 129 are currently undergoing the CIMS implementation process. Caritas Internationalis facilitated the 3-day program.

The training held from April 8-10, 2024 aimed to achieve two key objectives:

✅ Deeper understanding of CIMS: Participants comprehensively understood CIMS, including safeguarding standards and its associated tools.

✅ Effective CIMS implementation: Coordinators can guide CIMS implementation within their organizations, while assessors will develop the skills to conduct effective external assessments.