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Caritas Philippines, the social action arm of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), issued a strong statement today urging Apollo Quiboloy, founder of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), to submit to ongoing investigations and for Congress to assert its authority to ensure justice prevails.

“The allegations against Mr. Quiboloy and the KOJC are deeply troubling,” declared Caritas Philippines President Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo. “Human trafficking, sexual abuse, and other criminal activities, if proven true, represent a grave violation of human rights and fundamental dignity, especially impacting women, children, and other vulnerable individuals.”

Caritas Philippines emphasized the importance of due process, calling on Quiboloy to cooperate with the Senate inquiry and other investigations. “Submitting himself is crucial,” Bishop Bagaforo stated, “not just for the sake of transparency, but for the victims who deserve justice.”

The statement also highlighted the role of Congress in ensuring a just outcome. “We call upon the Philippine Congress, particularly the Senate, to assert its authority and ensure a thorough and impartial investigation into these allegations,” the prelate said. “The integrity of the rule of law and the pursuit of justice demand that all individuals, regardless of their position or influence, are held accountable for their actions.”

Caritas Philippines expressed solidarity with victims and survivors, commending their courage in coming forward. “We urge the authorities to provide them with the necessary support and protection throughout the investigation and legal proceedings,” said Bishop Bagaforo.

The statement concluded with a call to action for all Filipinos. “Let us stand together,” Bishop Bagaforo urged, “to uphold the dignity of every human person and ensure that no one is above the law.”