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In a powerful display of unity, Caritas Philippines, the social action arm of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), alongside SIKLAB, the No to ChaCha Coalition, religious congregations, and Diocesan Social Action Centers, rallied thousands at the People’s March and Prayer Against Charter Change yesterday, May 22nd, at the Senate of the Philippines.

The gathering amplified the voices of communities and faith-based organizations firmly opposed to proposed amendments to the 1987 Constitution. Caritas Philippines emphasized the importance of upholding democracy and promoting good governance through a strong Constitution.

“We stand united with social movements and churches in defending our democracy,” declared Caritas Philippines President Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo. “This march wasn’t just a protest; it was a prayerful plea for our leaders to prioritize the people’s needs.”

The coalition specifically called upon newly-elected Senate President Francis Escudero to take a definitive stand against Charter Change. They urged the Senate to prioritize critical issues like securing a living wage, recognizing human rights, and passing environmental protection bills to safeguard the Philippines’ natural resources.

“The overwhelming turnout at the march signifies the unwavering commitment of Filipinos to ensuring their voices are heard and respected,” Bishop Bagaforo added. “We believe in the power of collective action and faith to bring about positive change.”

Caritas Philippines extends its gratitude to all who participated in this momentous event, demonstrating a united front for the welfare of all Filipinos and the protection of the nation’s democratic principles.