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Alay Kapwa Para Sa Kasanayan

caritas ph academy


To develop efficient and effective staff and volunteers in the social action ministry.

Program Objectives

  1. To enhance the technical skills of social action workers, and promote a high level of professionalism with a heart.
  2. To develop and install proper management systems among social action network.
  3. To develop a support and care system for the well-being of staff and volunteers among social action network.
  4. To serve as a repository of learnings, best practices, and standards in managing and implementing humanitarian, development, and advocacy programs.

Professionalism with a Heart


Coaching and Mentoring Program on:

  • Proposal Development
  • Financial Management
  • Resource Mobilization Training

Research and Data Management 
Accompaniment Program
Staff Development Program

  • Onboarding Program
  • Feedback and Coaching Program
  • Psychosocial Support Training
  • Humanitarian Training Package
  • Safeguarding and Protection Training