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Alay Kapwa para sa Kalusugan

PAMEALYA: A Family-based Approach Feeding Program  in the Context of Holistic Development


 In response to the challenges of the present times, the Feeding Program has become even more urgent and necessary. The pandemic sped up poverty and hunger. More Filipinos are going to bed hungry, more Filipinos are pushed to extreme poverty leading to increased hunger incidence in our country.

The call to fight world hunger is more pronounced and obligatory!


Alay para sa Kalusugan (PaMEALya Program) is a family-based approach feeding program for the poorest families who need support to supplement their daily struggles to food availability and sufficiency. It aims not only to feed malnourished children but the entire members of the family.

 As a Holistic Program, the strategies are not only addressing short-term hunger, reducing nutrient deficiency, promoting healthy habits, and supporting the educational needs of children but more on the integral development of the family in their social, political, economic, ecological, and spiritual aspects.

The HOW  

Strategy #1: Feeding for 120 days, 5 times a week for 300 families throughout the country

Strategy #2: Family Development Program (Values Formation, Education and capacity Building, Livelihood, Social Enterprise, Savings Mobilization, Advocacy).


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Distribution of nutritious food packs at Caritas Nueva Segovia.